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Erotic Beach Vacations for Couples

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

Punta Uva & Playa Chiquita

Specializing in exotic beach Get-Aways combining eco adventure, nature, body healing therapies, relaxation and energy treatments using organic sensory pleasures.

Our private retreats offer a fun natural way to release stress and reboot your happiness factors.

Whether you plan to escape to the seashore for personal R&R, Mother Daughter Retreat, Couples Retreat, personal life coaching is always included to help you integrate your profound healing experiences.

Immerse yourself in a “real” natural healing adventure that will impact your life forever. Try an excursion approach to vacation travel for your health. It’s good for the soul, mind and body.

Women Retreats

This 5-day retreat is perfect for the stay at home mom, business or professional woman who need some time alone. Some times you need to take a break from it all to recharge your batteries. This is your “Me” time to be pampered and nurtured while your busy life takes a back seat. Do it for yourself, your family and your career. It will be life enhancing and restorative. We can promise you will feel and think better when you leave.

Mother-Daughter Retreats

The Mother Daughter relationship is one of the most beautiful relationships in the human kingdom. Our Mother Daughter retreats allow both women to explore their femininity, similarities and uniqueness. It will remind you of how special it is to be a woman, mom, daughter.

Do you wish you could have time to become closer ? Reconnect with each other in a fun, relaxing and adventurous environment; sharing precious moments woman to woman.

Couples Retreats

Take time to rekindle or perhaps in your case, intensify the joy you feel for the one you love. Relax in a beautiful, tropical environment where the feeling of awesomeness in yourself and your mate comes alive again.

Need a break to get away from it all?