Puerto Viejo:
A Great Cultural and Bio-Diversity Experience

puerto-viejo-costa-rica-tropical-healing-retreatsLocated on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, 4 hours from San Jose by ground travel or 45 minutes on a commuter flight, this vibrant artistic tourist village bustles with taxis, buses. scooters, local bikers to people from around the globe. The visitors move from surfing the waves to boat fishing, jungle excursions, then into a night life of partying into the early hours of daylight. Caribbean and International cuisines are readily available for your delight.

As the sun sets, the town prepares for the night life of partying at the local bars, night time shopping with local artists on the street and boutique browsing.

Dancing the wildlife or a kick back tranquila style is your preface; you can have both with the locals and tourist. If your taste is more relaxed, you will find this environment soothes your soul. Sounds of the ocean waves are every where. Wake up to the sun lit foliage, the sight of fishermen boats and howling monkeys swaying from limb to limb. The locals are very friendly and are aware of the value they bring to making Paradise a wonderful experience. Pura Vida, Pura Vida is our mantra, which means pure or good life. That’s exactly what you can expect here in Paradise. See you soon.

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