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Bachelors Science Degree in Psychology & Guidance Masters Degree in Public Administration & Management

Bachelors Science Degree in Psychology & Guidance
Masters Degree in Public Administration & Management

If you have to play the game of life to get what you want, you might as well play it on your own terms.

My coaching services provide an opportunity for you to drill down into life’s challenges, change the course of events and restore your self confidence to celebrate life.

My coaching method provides you with strategies to navigate the roads to self-fulfillment and happiness. It’s a life changing experience; bringing you intrinsic-awareness, healing and insights that promote joy from within.

Come, let yourself soar with the possibilities of new beginnings; a healthier, prosperous lifestyle and renewed spiritual strength.

Go on the journey for yourself. I will be there to guide you on the road to fulfill your greatest potential.

Going through an emotional crisis? Blocked in a habitual pattern of self defeat and can’t get out the box? Need a strategy to get what you want in relationships?
I have the experience and knowledge to guide you through your challenges; turning issues into solutions for your success.

Single Woman? Been one! Housewife and mother? Been there! Climbing the professional ladder; in business for yourself, or political activist? Done that! It takes a lot of energy and willpower to overcome those obstacles and restore emotional balance.

With personal coaching, you will have the opportunity to assess the problem and manage it from a position of power; not the victim.

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Tailored to meet the needs of each client, services are available through email or by phone.


Skype: trish.shelton10 or 1-540-491-4823, US

Whatsapp: Costa Rica +506 8468-3935

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Business Coaching: $120 per hour/$65 per half hour by phone. Email 10% discount.

Personal Coaching: $80 per hour/ $45 per half hour by phone. Email 10% discount

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Author of “Lifting the Veil, Secrets of the Sensuous Woman” and
“Sensuous Women in the Bible, God, Sex & Prophecy”


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If you are thinking of experiencing a coaching session with Patricia Shelton, all I can say is “Brace Yourself!” After one meeting, she had my sluggish, out-of-shape, beaten-down Spirit practically doing cartwheels on the beach! Second and third get-together, my long-gone entrepreneurial juices started flowing again – seeing opportunity everywhere and feeling my own Power to accomplish anything I set my sights on. Now the fourth time….somehow….and I don’t know where the heck this came from – Trish has awoken some kind of Passion and Sensuality in me that I didn’t know existed – in anyone! She has sparked all that Primal Energy in me. A few men have even caught my fancy and I have been a proud gay woman all my life! I still am, but I am just awe-inspired that Trish Shelton has brought a Spark to my life again….I can see the beauty in ALL. Brace yourself!!!!

Ronnie V. Costa Rica, Entrepreneur

I highly recommend Patricia Shelton’s life coaching services. I met Ms. Shelton while I was a student in law school. Although I was having academic success, I was experiencing challenges in defining my own personal goals and objectives. I did not have a clear idea of the path that I should take in many aspects of my life. Further, I was not confident in my skills in negotiating the real world around me, and I knew that this would eventually affect me professionally. Through the life coaching sessions, I began to recognize my self-worth, which in turn gave me self-confidence. I learned to identify my own unique abilities, which allowed me to define and focus on my life goals. Ultimately I was able to make choices that not only enhanced my personal life, but it also gave me the confidence in business relationships, which directly attributed to my professional successes. Ms. Shelton’s life coaching was key in helping me to improve my relationships, enhance my career, and create a balanced and fulfilled life.

LDH, Attorney, Silver Springs Md.

I have known Patricia for over 20 years. In my association with her, I’ve grown more aware of myself, my thoughts and attitudes and how they impacted my life.Patricia has a deep insight into the mind and how it works and entraps us on a daily basis.Sometimes we need help getting unstuck. Patricia has served in that capacity for me on several occasions when I needed to get clarity about myself, my actions, my heart and spirit. She has never let me down or allowed me to stay there.

S.S. Virginia Beach, Energy Healer

A stay at Tropical Healing Retreats is absolute bliss! Even if you have just a few days to get away from your stressful work, worries or boring daily routines…. relaxing under the palm trees and listening to the gentle waves of the ocean will lift your spirits and refresh your body and soul. I know because after a tense and demanding couple of weeks in the office, and a nerve-wracking travel experience, I emerged as a new person just five days later under the healing touches and care of the kind and pleasant attendants of the Retreat. Trish, the owner, is an expert in providing a serene and relaxing environment in the natural setting of Costa Rica. I thoroughly enjoyed the candlelight dinners, fabulous wine, good company, romantic music and a variety of activities that I could join – or not – depending on my mood. Most of all, Trish’s expert foot massage made me feel like I had died and gone to heaven…it’s not to be missed!

Andrea L., Denver, CO, Retired Self Made Millionaire

On the edge of a life change after being down-sized from a major corporation, I came across Trish Shelton. Not knowing, from the moment we met, that she was guiding me towards major decisions, weeks later, I understood. Needless to say, I contracted with her for a series of life coaching sessions that resulted in me letting go of my corporate persona and allowing my heart’s desire to manifest. I had no desire to end up in another corporate position, and didn’t. I took the road l had wanted to explore all my life and can honestly say, “it has made all the difference.” As a life coach, Trish Shelton is the deal. She delivers honesty, as she sees it, in the most unique, refreshing way. It was like talking to a girlfriend who truly wanted the best for me.

E. Black, Charlotte NC, Real Estate

I have known Patricia Shelton for more than 25 years. I find her to be a spiritual woman who has inspired me from the day I met her. When I first met Patricia, she had her own marketing consulting firm and had started the Northern Virginia Minority Association for small businesses. She saw a need for small businesses to have a forum to meet and discuss their businesses and perhaps work together. The company I worked for hired Patricia to do consulting and there is where I met her. I was the Director of Accounting, Contracts, Human Resources and Facilities. Patricia marketed for this company to the Federal Government small business representatives and we started receiving sole source awards as a direct result of Patricia’s efforts.

I absolutely love Patricia’s spirit. She is loving, adventurous and downright interesting. She is very philosophical and yet she is very funny and happy. She is a wonderful human being. She is one of the few people that actually gave back to me. When my former husband left me and my daughter, Patricia arranged for me to do accounting for her business so that I had enough money to pay my bills during my time of transition. Patricia has believed in spiritual healing since I’ve have known her. She has taught me a lot about life thru our wonderful inspiring discussions. She is my coach and lifelong friend.
Do yourself a huge favor. Go and meet Patricia. You’ll have a relaxing, fun, enjoyable time and perhaps meet a lifelong friend on the way.

LTT, Leesburg, VA, Director Of Contracts & Finance

Trish Shelton is the most amazing, self aware, evolved woman I have ever met. She lives what she believes with no fear. What an inspiration of what it means to be a human being — in female form! If you have the pleasure of being in her presence, take notes!

M Smith, Charlotte NC, Author

I met Trish Shelton on the final closing day of a specialty shop that I had half-heartedly opened a year prior – on the south Caribbean side of Costa Rica. This woman literally sauntered-in a minute before closing. I greeted her while thinking of a way to kindly tell her we were actually closed. Something intrigued me though; I couldn’t speak, I just watched as she took her good ol’ time looking at every little thing. Meanwhile my employees were looking at me, rolling their eyes, watching me watching her while watching the clock. I signaled to them to leave and I would close-up myself. I was hot and tired and feeling down and could not understand why the words, “Thank you, Ma’am, but it’s time to skedaddle” just would not flow. Well, I thank God (or the Universe or the Stars above) that they didn’t. In the hour that followed, my Life was changed. Or I should say, my Life was regained…re-ignited…INSPIRED. These were things that had not happened, as one would imagine, when moving to Paradise after being burned-out from my hectic, stressed-out life in the States.

That first day I met Trish, she invited me to get together the following day. I agreed and remarkably followed-through. At the meeting, all of a sudden, I started Seeing, Feeling, Living, Breathing, the Paradise I had escaped to but never enjoyed. The color of the sea was even more vibrant. The ocean breeze was more refreshing. The sounds of the rain forest more symphonic. Yet more than anything, I even started to see the beauty within me. I could see My Value. A life worth living. A reason to just be me.

Trish Shelton is the real deal. There are a lot of healers out there with a lot of modalities to choose from. What Trish offers is pure authenticity – Hers just flows and yours just naturally rises to the occasion. There’s nothing hocus-pocus about her…but I can assure you, there’s a whole lot of Magic goin’ on!

H.V. Costa Rica, Business Owner

When I first met with Patricia we talked about the stressful lifestyle that working women suffer in our time, how difficult and stressful it can be to take care of our environment and family and still succeed at work … How to take care also of our spirit? How to recover the connection with what should be a truly fulfilling life?

Patricia is a coach who understands how feminine spirits can celebrate life. She transmits balance and wisdom and can really help you to find your own way. She creates a feeling of warmth in the environment when you coach with her and that’s because she has a deep intuition about the person’s soul and what they need.

Any woman needs and deserves to reconnect with her soul, with nature and the primary feminine spirit that lives in every woman. Patricia can really help to recognize the wisdom that every woman has in her soul, and I strongly recommend this wonderful experience under Patricia´s guide.

A.C Manager of Call Center, Barcelona, Spain

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