Healing Art Therapy or Drug Medicines: Which One Has Your Back?


Healing Art Therapy or Drug Medicines: Which One Has Your Back?

The healing arts approach to healing is an intimate trans-personal experience to stimulate your life force. It’s a learning experience that teaches you how to shift energy in the body by tuning into your body’s innate wisdom about how to restore equilibrium/harmonic balance, naturally.

It requires that you relax, chill out and unwind to drop the distractions inside your head.

Why… because it takes time to integrate corrective messages into your subconscious bio- rhythms. You want to expand the inner state of your mind with the body’s natural impulses about where to send healing information.

When unblocking accumulated tensions or restrictions in the muscle memory, tissues, blood stream, you experience a sense of deep relaxation and let go of the memory of illness. The mind and body can then focus on restoration of the body’s energy field. In addition, along comes spiritual vibrancy that inspires a sense of happiness and feelings of well being, similar to taking a drug.

Through releasing blocks in the physical, mental, emotional bodies, conscious can now flow toward feelings of self awareness that can tell you how to overcome your illness or disease.

Communicating with your self is wise healing. It enhances the body’s inherent power to read restoration messages, initiating and facilitating sutler self diagnosis, taking into account emotional, physical with the mental and spiritual aspects of your integrated being. It sparks and strengthens your life force.

Quality of life goes up exponentially on many levels, relieving anxiety and decreasing pain.

Focusing on mind body spirit connections and the role they play in self directed healing using healing art therapies.

When relying on drug therapy, you are taking in a substance other than food to prevent, diagnose, alleviate, treat or cure disease.

The general term for drug is a chemical substance that affects the process in mind and the body’s central nervous system. The chemical can be stimulating or depressing, altering your state of consciousness and have a habituating or additive effect, especially a narcotics……antidepressants.

Prescription drugs can only be obtained by means of a physicians’ prescription.

The drug can be inhaled, ingested, smoked,consumed, absorbed via patch on the skin or dissolved under the tongue causing physiological changes in the body. In pharmacology a pharmaceutical drug is also called a medication or chemical medicine recognized by US Food, Drug Cosmetic Act.

Is there anything naturally healing about this approach to restore health?

Pills typically suppress the symptoms rather than cause a trans-personal reaction like in the healing arts.

Which approach do you think has your back and best interest.

The Germans have it right. Resort Therapy on Prescription. Relaxation is the best medicine.

Trending now in Germany are treatments which can help to overcome any stress syndrome, burnout, fatigue, women’s health concerns, post-traumatic stress disorder, tiredness, excess weight and prevention.

The origins of wellness and spa in Germany are to be found in the German word Kur, the German word known as Health Cure or Resort Therapy. It has more than 200 years of history. Kur encompasses a wide spectrum of natural remedies and therapies under medial supervision to assist in the recovery process from illness, rehabilitation illness, prevention, maintenance of health and the prevention of illness. If received on a regular bases, the therapies can restore and improve the patients state of health and well being. Going to a spa Kur, or Bad is also covered by Austrian and German Health insurance plans. This encourages the public to visit health resorts instead of waiting for their illness to appear before going to hospital when it could be too late.

With advancements in the health sector industry, there is an increased level of education and prompting better living standards. The mentality, mindset and lifestyle of most Germans have shifted strongly towards healing, awareness of self, well being and prevention. The people are more likely to go for resort or retreat holidays instead of visiting a sanatorium.

The spa industry has grown out from the Kur and sanatoriums and helped increase the public awareness of prevention and healing.

Germany has become a leader in training accreditation and regulation processes and has raised the level of knowledge and application of therapies used in the Kur and in Spas.

Written by Patricia Shelton, Owner Tropical Healing Retreats, www.tropicalhealingretreats.com
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