Welcome to Tropical Healing Retreats

tropical-healing-retreats-vacations-for-working-womenAre you stressed out trying to meet ongoing demands of your professional career? Perhaps you’re an entrepreneurial woman managing business and family with no time for yourself.

Are you a 24/7 stay at home mom and desperately need time away with your mate? Maybe you are suffering an emotional blow or bereaving a lost one?

You need a break from it all.

Studies are now showing higher stress levels are increasing on the job and in the home for women. In addition, alarming increasing rates of tranquilizers and anti-depressant drugs are being prescribed for women.

Are you taking Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors? Is your sex drive inhibited?

According to American Psychological Association chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death. 75% of all physician office visits are for stress related aliments and complaints.

Chronic stress affects your brain, suppresses your thyroid, causes blood sugar imbalances, decreases bone density and muscle tissue, raises blood pressure, reduces your immunity and ability to heal, increases fat deposits around the abdomen associated with heart attacks, strokes and elevated cholesterol. Stress and anti depressants are known to suppress the libido, ( sexual drive) and that certainly is no fun.

There is nothing better than a retreat to the tropics for personal healing, relaxed mind, clearer vision and a better sense of your direction, naturally.

Tropical Healing Retreats is designed to…

  • Reactivate your body’s natural healing mechanism to access renewed vitality.
  • Reduce stress in the mind and body to restore your bio rhythms through enzymes from tropical organic juice and food.
  • Apply deep tissue body therapy, hydrotherapy, organic based beauty treatments, night time foot massages and undisturbed restful sleep to detoxify the system.
  • Stimulate the immune system to bring your life into harmony, balance and alignment to improve your health.
  • Alleviate symptoms of depression and release emotional blockages that cause feelings of being overwhelmed, disconnected and isolation emotionally and spiritually.
  • Provide a sense of security and well being by removing disturbances in the flow of energy to help integrate all dimensions of the “Self”.
  • Coach you on how to cope better with the challenges of life to receive a positive outcome and a sense of fulfillment.

Tropical Healing Retreat Offers…

  • A woman centric vacation approach to healing.
  • An exotic nature based alternative to healing stress related conditions in a fun and adventurous environment.
  • Integrated therapeutic techniques that are enjoyable and effective for distressing, detoxifying and rejuvenating.
  • A personal forum for you to identify your stress factors, develop a plan of action and leave with a blueprint for making definitive changes to get what you want.
  • Luxury private accommodations, organic foods, juices, medical herbs, body therapists, yoga art and hammock therapies, nature tours, beach horseback riding, air shuttle from San Jose Airport, ground transportation, Caribbean cooking class, Reiki and Thalassotherapy.
  • A beach escort to ensure your safety while you swim and set you up on the beach with your book, hammock and drinks.

Women Retreats

This 5-day retreat is perfect for the stay at home mom, business or professional woman who need some time alone. Some times you need to take a break from it all to recharge your batteries. This is your “Me” time to be pampered and nurtured while your busy life takes a back seat. Do it for yourself, your family and your career. It will be life enhancing and restorative. We can promise you will feel and think better when you leave.

Mother-Daughter Retreats

The Mother Daughter relationship is one of the most beautiful relationships in the human kingdom. Our Mother Daughter retreats allow both women to explore their femininity, similarities and uniqueness. It will remind you of how special it is to be a woman, mom, daughter.

Do you wish you could have time to become closer ? Reconnect with each other in a fun, relaxing and adventurous environment; sharing precious moments woman to woman.

Couples Retreats

Take time to rekindle or perhaps in your case, intensify the joy you feel for the one you love. Relax in a beautiful, tropical environment where the feeling of awesomeness in yourself and your mate comes alive again.

Need to be nurtured and pampered for five days?