Couple Retreats in Costa Rica

Take time to rekindle or perhaps in your case, intensify the joy you feel for the one you love. Relax in a beautiful, tropical environment where the feeling of awesomeness in yourself and your mate comes alive again.

This is a time and place to be with each other and let nature take it’s course. Touch one another and look beyond the eyes to sense the magic that still exist in your hearts.  Ignite those sensual vibrations  to experience ecstasy again, again and again.

No hurry, no worries. We take care of your needs, wants and desires for 5 gorgeous days. All you have to do is love the one you’re with; play with one another, eat, drink, read, horseback ride on the beach and enjoy our hammock therapy. We handle the rest,…. the house, meals, (wine with dinner), scheduling additional tours upon requests, massages,
transportation, music and well… what else do you really need? Ask and we will do our best to accommodate.

Witness the presence of Pura Vida in your partnership while you rediscover joy and happiness in this beautiful naturally healing environment in the tropics.

Inclusive Package for Two
Package: $5,500

Note: Thalassotherapy is a Greek word meaning sea therapy. The invigorating sea air, mineral rich sea water, marine based treatment rich in trace elements and antioxidants, replaces: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, and Iodine through the skin.

Package Includes:

  • Ground Transportation to Retreat
  • Luxury Private Accommodations
  • Washed and cooked in ionized water
  • Beach Escort
  • Horseback Riding on Beach
  • Exotic Body Therapies including Reiki and Thalassotherapy ( Hydrotherapy Treatment for the skin)
  • Special “Looking Mirror Journal” made from ecological alternative papers such as mango, lemon, coffee and bananas.
  • Natural beauty treatments for face and body.
  • Private Coaching Daily
  • Eco Tour Adventures
  • Sensual Experiences
  • Relationship Coaching upon request
  • Sleep Therapy and Dream Travel
  • Delicious meals washed and prepared with ionized water
  • Medicinal Plants used for Detoxification

**Adventure Tours are separate. Scheduled upon request


The Destination

The site for your Costa Rica retreat will be in Playa Chiquita, Playa Cocles or Punta Uva.

These beaches are nestled along the Caribbean Coast, southwest of Puerto Viejo.

They are known for their laid back atmosphere, refreshing breezes and access to fresh organic foods from the local jungle farms and medicinal plants around the region.

We have excellent accomodations to fit your desires: Jungle tree house on the beach, private beach suite home across from the beach or contemporary styled hotel rooms.

Our body therapist community is well trained. They each have their unique touch and will start your healing process upon arrival.

The Caribbean Coast is home to a small community of Ticos, Expats and International residents who represent the beautiful diversities in each and collectively. The local people are friendly, kind hearted, basically honest hard working, fun loving people who value family and friendship. Those who migrate to the Caribbean Coast along Puerto Viejo shore lines are people who enjoy living according to Nature’s rhythm.

The Accommodations

The sites we selected are secure and provide easy access to the beach. We reserve exotic houses and elegantly appointed classic rooms for your comfort and taste. You can decide the ambiance, we will take care of the rest.

Need a break to get away from it all?