Women Retreats in Costa Rica

This package is perfect for the stay at home mom, business or professional woman who need some time alone. Some times you need to take a break from it all to recharge your batteries. This is your “Me” time to be pampered and nurtured while your busy life takes a back seat. Do it for yourself, your family and your career. It will be life enhancing and restorative. We can promise you will feel and think better when you leave.

For our guests we can arrange air shuttle from and back to San Jose.

Package: $3,500

Book Now to secure your house across from the beach
and reserve your place in Paradise where the jungle meets the sea.

“Pura Vida”

Package Includes:

  • Ground Transportation to Retreat
  • Beautiful Eco-designed private house, just for you.
  • Delicious organic based meals are washed and prepared in ionized based water
  • Beach Escort
  • Horseback Riding Therapy
    • Why Horseback Riding? Horseback riding is a relaxing calming therapeutic interaction between horse and human which promotes self empowerment and self healing. The therapy stimulates cognitive, physical, emotional, social, educational behavior goals; learning balance, coordination and self esteem while strengthening core pelvic, spine, inner thigh and abdominal muscles for increased flexibility. It is a shape shifting healing experience you will forever remember.
  • Fresh organic papaya, mango, pineapple, lemons, avocado, aloe vira, cucumbers, ginger, cilantro, thyme, mint, bread fruit, maracuya, quanabana, fresh coconut water, nomi and ackee.
  • Exotic Body Therapies including Reiki and Thalassotherapy ( Hydrotherapy Treatment for the skin)
  • Natural beauty treatments for the face and body
  • Hammock Therapy
  • Sleep Therapy and Dream Travel
  • Delicious meals washed and prepared with ionized water
  • Medicinal Plants used for Detoxification
  • Private, life coaching. Find out if you are a sun goddess or luna goddess.  When you know this, healing takes on a whole new outlook.

**Adventure Tours are separate. Scheduled upon request

For your comfort and privacy, we provide each guest with a beach suite styled house. The house features a sun terrace, comfortable living area and marble and Bali stone walls surrounding the glass shower with massage jets for hot or cold showers. The wooden spiraling stair steps lead to the second floor loft. A plush queen sized bed awaits you every night with a skylight above so you can star gaze while drifting off to sleep. You can relax before bed on your private balcony overlooking the jungle garden the sound of ocean waves.

In addition to the outdoor Jacuzzi, fitness area for stretching, you have breath taking nature amid the rich jungle foliage and close proximity to the beach.

Your “Your Mirror Looking Journal” made from recycled banana paper has been especially designed for your use. You will find it upstairs on your bed.

Private and informal coaching throughout the day and evenings will provide transformational insights about your healing. Private Coaching is totally confidential.


The Destination

The site for your Costa Rica retreat will be in Playa Chiquita, Playa Cocles or Punta Uva.

These beaches are nestled along the Caribbean Coast, southwest of Puerto Viejo.

They are known for their laid back atmosphere, refreshing breezes and access to fresh organic foods from the local jungle farms and medicinal plants around the region.

We have excellent accomodations to fit your desires: Jungle tree house on the beach, private beach suite home across from the beach or contemporary styled hotel rooms.

Our body therapist community is well trained. They each have their unique touch and will start your healing process upon arrival.

The Caribbean Coast is home to a small community of Ticos, Expats and International residents who represent the beautiful diversities in each and collectively. The local people are friendly, kind hearted, basically honest hard working, fun loving people who value family and friendship. Those who migrate to the Caribbean Coast along Puerto Viejo shore lines are people who enjoy living according to Nature’s rhythm.

The Accommodations

The sites we selected are secure and provide easy access to the beach. We reserve exotic houses and elegantly appointed classic rooms for your comfort and taste. You can decide the ambiance, we will take care of the rest.

Day 1

Upon arrival, each guest will receive 90 minutes of healing massage treatment…..and a refreshing drink made from tropical fruits, fresh ginger, papaya, mango, pineapples, melons and agua de pipa, (fresh coconut water). This is a perfect way to calm the body and rest the mind to allow healing. You can rest as long as you need. If you feel like checking out the ocean, your assigned beach escort will escort you to the beach and provide a chair, hammock, snacks and fresh cucumber or lemon water. Your escort will be there to watch over you and ensure your privacy.

Relax and take long deep breaths.

A candle light dinner will be grilled on the terrace by Martine, one of our favorite cooks who enjoys his ability to turn meat on the grill into a delicacy. Red or white wine is provided with dinner. Relax and enjoy the ambiance. This is your time to be served.

You need “ME” time.


Day 2

horseback-riding-playa-chiquitaNatural wildlife is always available to let you know day break is approaching. The jungle monkeys instinctively know day light is next. They howl, sprinting from tree to tree rejoicing that the night time is over and daylight is coming. The rosters also add to the symphony of bird sounds against the background of ocean waves in the distance.

Enjoy a relaxing day on the beach or in your home. Your personal beach escort will accompany you to the beach and ensure your privacy and security. He will set you up for your Hammock Therapy, a chair and supply of snacks, fresh fruit and drinks for your pleasure.

Breakfast and lunch will be available when you are ready.

Horseback Riding Therapy on the beach and Jungle. Horseback riding is a relaxing calming therapeutic interaction between horse and human which promotes self empowerment and self healing. The therapy stimulates cognitive, physical, emotional, social, educational behavior goals; learning balance, coordination and self esteem while strengthening core pelvic, spine, inner thigh and abdominal muscles for increased flexibility. It is a shape shifting healing experience you will forever remember.

After the tour a delicious lunch will be prepared for you on the beach.

A special evening dinner with music under the stars on the beach will be prepared by Rolando, better known as Pino. Pino is Puerto Viejo’s town fisherman and my lobster guy.

The food he prepares is so delicious that people are tempted to lick their fingers. It’s allowed here and welcomed.

Foot massage by Maria or Denise will prepare you for bed. They will take the stress of the day out of your feet. You will enjoy a deep recuperative sleep as a result.


Benefits of Reiki: Helps reinstate order to the body when basic fundamental energies have become deranged. The focus is centered on the human energy field. It is really effective, causes deep relaxation, destroys energy blockages, detoxifies the system, provides new strength in the form of healing energy, and augments the body’s vibrational frequency. It is safe and harmless.

Day 3

Wake up refreshed and prepare for a private 60 minute Reiki treatment and introduction with our certified Reiki Therapist after breakfast.

Lunch will be prepared and served with ionized lemon water, agua de pipa (fresh coconut water).

Hammock Therapy on the Beach.

You will dine with music at Le Numu Lounge, Le Cameleon Hotel. It features a contemporary, relaxing atmosphere in the midst of the jungle and across from the beach. Their international cuisine is sure to delight the most discerning taste buds.

Evening foot massages by Maria for everyone. A fabulous way to end the day and prepare for a recuperative sleep in your queen size bed with a skylight above for star gazing as you drift off to sleep.

Day 4

We will prepare for you a full breakfast with fresh organic juice delivered to your private sun terrace or join us for breakfast on the terrace. You always have a choice.

Hammock Therapy.

Thalassotherapy is scheduled for your early morning. You will enjoy the invigorating hydrotherapy: exercising in the warm ocean waters and a full body scrub with David, our licensed physiotherapist. He uses healing properties of the sea and marine environment to help restore the smooth texture to your skin. The sea air, mineral rich sea water, marine based by-products contain trace elements and antioxidants. Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, and Iodine are found in sea water and are absorbed through the pores of the skin.

Enjoy night shopping in Puerto Viejo with dinner at fashionable Koki Beach Restaurant in town. The town comes alive at night with boutique and street shopping. Strolling from end to end is quite interesting.

After you return home, Maria or Denise will be happy to take the stress off your feet and legs from the day’s activities. Enjoy dreaming afterwards.

Day 5

We will prepare for you a breakfast with fresh organic juice delivered to your private sun terrace or on the hotel patio. Would you like to go to the beach, have a manicure/pedicure or take a tour for the day? It’s your day and you can decide how you want to spend your time.

Lunch can be served where ever you decide.

Optional and Upon Request an afternoon of instructional metaphoric art class can be arranged for you on the hotel terrace or beach with complimentary fresh Sangria made from organic tropical fruits and relaxing music.

During the workshop, you will have ample time to paint, draw, and design with time out for a walk on the beach if you like, or indulge in hammock therapy and take a nap. You can also kick back to reflect and write in your personal “Looking Mirror Journal”. There is no rush. Pierre will welcome you back to continue guiding you on how to express your creative “Self” thru design.

Evening dinner and wine party on the beach with the Tropical Healing Retreat staff at Punta Uva.

Foot massages before you retire.

Day 6

Enjoy breakfast and prepare for departure to San Jose.

We hope you enjoyed your stay and our approach to healing in a fun, relaxed and Nature filled Paradise.

Need a break to get away from it all?