The Five Health Benefits of Hammock Therapy


The Five Health Benefits of Hammock Therapy

Hammock Therapy is a simple and low cost treatment for stress.

The sensation of swinging in the hammock induces a natural high through Alpha-Beta and Theta brain wave activity.

Swinging causes you to experience touch, environment, body awareness, signal sounds and the pull of gravity in the body. The brain organizes and integrates this information and re-calibrates your senses from the motion.

Another fact to consider is:

The body is suspended in space and senses the pull of gravity inside and outside the body. Given gravity is the essential force in life on earth, humans have a natural mechanism that helps regulate the gravitational pull sensations. It’s called the vestibule system. This natural system determines our ability to balance, to climb stairs, to walk easily, to adjust to changing levels and to react promptly to recover balance.

Having awareness of our self in space during hammock therapy is the basis for consciousness. Swinging provides a state of calmness and equilibrium for the mind and body connection.

Here are some of the benefits of hammock therapy plain and simple:

  1. Immediate affect on reducing stress.
  2. A positive stimulant on the entire physiology of the body.
  3. Calibrates the mind, body connection.
  4. Enhances equilibrium and balance in the mind and body.
  5. Produces Alpha Waves, the most relaxed of consciousness.

We highly recommend using Hammock Therapy at home all year round. It is especially effective for autistic and muscular dysfunctional children but can also help the child in you and promote natural healing.

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